Metals Can Grow Whiskers!?

I was scrolling through social media when I came across this Instagram post. I found this very interesting and thought I would try to summarise it here for you too read. Background These ‘whiskers’are long, thin, microscopic, crystalline structures that can sprout from metals like tin, zinc, silver and cadmium. They can stretch multiple millimetres up…… Continue reading Metals Can Grow Whiskers!?

Hydrogen Embrittlement from a Novice…

I noticed recently that I picked up a follow from Milos Djukic, a very interesting name may i add, and I took a look at his blog.  It seems like this guy knows his stuff about hydrogen embrittlement mechanisms of metallic materials. I wanted to use this post to try and process this and explain, in a…… Continue reading Hydrogen Embrittlement from a Novice…

How Solar Panels Work and Why We Should Use Them!

As we know the climate is changing. Humans need to change to renewable sources of energy (energy sources that are sustainable and do not harm the environment) Check out this visual representation of Earths temperatures. Solar panels harness the energy of the sun. Seems clever right? Plants have been doing it for billions of years. How…… Continue reading How Solar Panels Work and Why We Should Use Them!

A very brief story of copper alloys

Knowledge of materials have shaped the path of human history. In the past many discoveries have been accidental but have had huge consequences. One development, that had huge implications, was the use of Bronze alloys. First of all what is Bronze? You may think of this as a colour. Bronze is actually an alloy of predominantly copper(~85%)…… Continue reading A very brief story of copper alloys

What is Materials Science and Why Do I Like it?

According to the internet Materials Science is ‘the scientific study of the properties and applications of materials of construction or manufacture (as ceramics, metals, polymers, and composites)’ I like to think of it as how something is made and what it does and why. The reason I have applied to university for materials science is…… Continue reading What is Materials Science and Why Do I Like it?