Why is Vantablack so black?

You might of seen Vantablack from my instagram or elsewhere. Its striking property is how dark it is. It seems to create a blackhole before your very eyes. 99.965% of radiation is absorbed.

wrinkled-aluminium-2_Large Image

It is remarkably black! – Surrey Nano systems

But why is it like this?

The ‘VANTA’ in Vantablack stands for Vertically Aligned NanoTube Arrays. Imagine a forest but rather than trees maxing out around 30m, they are 3km tall. You can see why light finds it hard to escape. Light bounces around among the carbon nano tubes until it is dissipated as heat. The tubes are thousands of times thinner than human hairs. The film is deposited onto a substrate in a vacuum at 400 degrees celsius.


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